February 28, 2012


With Fashion Week over, Spring is in the air and that means it's time to show some skin ladies! A revealing back can be oh so sexy, so go and purchase a few shirts/dresses that have an open back at NecessaryClothing or UrbanOutfitters! So with a bare back, what do we do about the front? Some girls prefer to wear sticky boobs/pasties to give support without the use of straps. Others need to or prefer to wear a bra with open back shirts - but this can a fashion faux pas. In my humble opinion, I feel showing your bra straps can be tacky and going bra-less is just out of the question. But no matter what "floats your boats," make sure you keep some open-back outfits in your walk-in closet. What girl doesn't love to show some skin in the summer...and if your not a fan of showing your tummy, then scratch that & go ahead with showing some back instead. I promise that by the end of the day, you will not be complaining about the amount of compliments you got on your stunning and striking new look.

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