February 20, 2012

The Met

I wish I took a trip to the extraordinary Metropolitan Museum of Art before today. It is such a beautiful museum, with over two million works of art, it really took my breath away. There is so much life and so much culture there, from the people, the tourists, the building itself, and the works of art of course. I felt like my eyes were opening in a whole new light of life. I had to go there for my history project and it turned out to mean a whole lot more to me than just a school assignment. I was only supposed to walk around the American Wing but I ended up walking through every single department there. They have such outstanding collections from all over the world. This is definitely a must-see place if you are living in/visiting New York City. I really appreciated all of the art work there, as I gazed around admiring every little detail. I never thought I would be so interested in museums, but they are so peaceful and relaxing, especially if you go by yourself. You can just enjoy your surroundings and explore this maze of treasures inside that "The Met" has to offer. It was a very memorable experience for me, and I know I will be back soon!

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