February 22, 2012

Sequins on Sequins

This season's latest trend is definitely the sequin skirt. What better way to sparkle up your day by wearing one of these! There are so many different ways to wear them. Why not start with a simple white tee, and a pair of fabulous knee-high stockings, along with some bold, chunky jewelry. Then add a pair of pumps and an elegant blazer and you are ready to go. I love mini sequin skirts that have a little flare, rather than being stick tight, because the flare really adds some shape and and chicness to the outfit. If you plan on wearing a sequin skirt that's tight, definitely pair it with a loose fitting top and if you are going to go with the more flared look, then definitely pair it with a tighter top, and even tuck it in. I love flared skirts because I think they are so fun, flirty, and feminine. Be sure not to pair the sequin skirt with a funky/busy top because the skirt already owns the look so try to be as simple as you can because less is more!

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