June 28, 2012

Bare Sole

Bare Sole is a boutique located in Studio City, California. My mom and I were walking around town, exploring the shops, as we came across this funky little shoe store. It is the concept of great design, comfort, support, and stability. The owner, Kate, is not only such a sweetheart but she will design any shoe for you. She is so creative as she is constantly coming up with new ideas and designs. From different color straps, ties, textures, soles - she really can create the perfect dream shoe for you. I bought these wedges in black and my mom bought them in a neutral color. We got all different color ties to switch off with. This idea is so fun and innovative... she even had a podiatrist working with her on these to help aid all of those with foot problems. By wearing a pair of "Bare Soles", you will not only look cute & trendy, but you will be extremely comfortable as well. I swear I feel like I'm walking on a cushion when I wear them. I also got 2 pink rings to put in between the straps to add some more detail. Basically whatever you want and whatever your vision is, she can make it happen for you. She does have a lot of her own designs but she'll change colors/textures to appeal to your taste.

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