June 30, 2012

Tie Dye For

Dress - Richelle JonasShoes - Splendid, Earrings - Scoop NYC, Bracelets - L Sand Jewelry

Last post in LA... so sad! It's definitely bittersweet as I am super excited to be back in NY but I had such an amazing month here in la-la land. So this fitted dress is definitely one of my ultimate favorite pieces in my wardrobe. From the sexy shape of it to the subtle mix of colors, and not to mention, it's softness & comfort, it is a fabulous little number for summer. Dressed up or down, it is such a flawless piece. I wanted to bring out the dark blue shades in the dress so I decided to throw on these gorgeous navy & gold earrings. I'm really feeling the blue hue lately, it's such a sophisticated and elegant color. My mom and I fight over this dress since we're both obsessed with it... I guess it really is to die for, or shall I say, "tie dye for."