July 12, 2012

Cool Kicks

Dress - H&M, Vest - H&M, Necklace - H&M, Shoes - Reebok
Photos by Brittany Lauricella

Boy am I decked out in H&M in this post... so this outfit is super simple but I knew these fabulous Reebok sneakers would surely put the cherry on top. My best friend Alyssa and I decided to browse in Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg yesterday & once I spotted these cool kicks, it was love at first sight. Still cannot get over the fact that they were less than $20... and that is why I love thrift stores. No but really, I love the whole sneaker trend that has emerged in the fashion world this season... sporty but chic, need I say more? Oh by the way, Brittany (one of my best friends), took these amazing pics for me (along with some others coming this week) for the blog. She is an awesome photographer, be sure to take a look at her blog here - it is a food/photography blog, I promise you will be aching for one of her fabulous recipes by the time you're done looking.


  1. cool outfits and I love the shoes!:)
    xx Kate


  2. Cute sneaks!


  3. nice dress!!