July 10, 2012


Shirt - No name, Leggings - Kat Von D, Shoes - Banana Republic, Bag - H&M, Necklace - Aldo

Sorry that I have been so MIA lately, had an extremely busy week last week but I have lots of new pieces that I will be sharing with you this week. So this top was originally a T-Shirt that my brother, Jesse, passed down to me. I love taking pieces and tweaking them. I cut fringes along the bottom of this shirt and cut it into a tank with an open back. Talk about a big transformation. I should of taken a pic of what it looked like before, my bad. I honestly love taking his old clothes that he doesn't want anymore because with a pair of scissors in my hand, I can do some major revising. Oh by the way... these leggings are the new loves of my life. Bought them from Shag recently, had my eye on them for a while. I love the super edgy look that they give off... by pairing these with a simple white shirt & a cute pair of flats, you're set.


  1. girl you look fabulous!! i love those leggins!!!

  2. Love this look! Those leggings are to die for! Xx