August 10, 2012

Full Bloom

Dress - Pins and Needles, Shoes - Shoemint, Bag - Zara
Photos by Alyssa Bossio

This dress - no words. Whatever, I guess I'll try. So we all know that head to toe floral prints have been taking over this season to the extreme and us fashionistas have to collaborate them into our outfits to keep up with the trends, but we also need to think out of the box to set our own standards and add our own little touches. The flowers on this dress all look so fully bloomed, I feel like I'm wearing a garden. I thought it would be cool to wear a dress like this in this setting, in order to create some contrast from that perfect, innocent girl look to the outside world of the unknown. My favorite Shoemint wedges happened to match perfectly and this white bag from Zara was a match made in heaven.