September 18, 2012

Dare for Deco

Shirt - Forever 21, Shorts - Vintage, Shoes - Dolce Vita, Sunnies - H&M, Bag - Rebecca Norman

Bought this lovely shirt a few years ago and only wore it once! I decided to throw it on and give it another try... and it definitely wasn't a fail in my eyes. I love rediscovering pieces that have been hidden in my closet for so long and seeing what else I can do with them, even years later after purchasing them. Got these adorable denim cutoffs at Wasteland recently, they were a no-brainer. I love the acid-wash, patchy vibe they give off - so retro. These navy Dolce Vita wedges have been coming in handy alright, so chic and sexy. Happy Tuesday everyone, have a good week!!


  1. Really quirky summery outfit, and I love those cool shoes! :)