September 19, 2012

Meet Ashley

Here's a little guest post on Ashley (a fellow blogger) - be sure to check out her amazing blog here !

1 - What inspired you to start blogging?
I have always loved fashion and writing has been a hobby of mine for a while. So if you combine those two things, it makes fashion blogging! I was inspired by my brother to start blogging. He is an interior design/architecture blogger and I would have to say he did heavily encourage me to get involved in blogging.

2 - What's your favorite fall trend?
Probably Cap Toe heels! I am so in love with them! But I do like a lot of other trends such as studded leather jackets and the whole ombre thing as well.

3 - What are some blogs you look at on the daily?
I try to mix and match and read many blogs so I can get loads of different inspiration from different angles. But the blogs that I chow down regularly are LPF FashionPhilosophy, Ring My Bell, Atlantic Pacific, etc. 

4 - What are you up to when your not blogging?
Well when I am not blogging, I am usually with my friends or at school or sometimes chilling with my family. It really depends, I am involved in so many different things. Whether it is sports or music - I do it all! 

5 - What is your favorite go-to outfit?
Whenever I can not decide what to wear, my favorite go-to outfit is a simple colored dress with a tan blazer (tan blazers look really nice for some reason) and I would match that with either boots or flats or anything! Then I will just put a big fun necklace and that is it!

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