October 2, 2012

Little Red Topper

Wearing: Shirt - Forever 21, Pants - Dollhouse, Shoes - Vintage, Scarf - YSL, Hat - H&M, Sunnies - Vintage

Only I would walk through the children's section in Forever 21 and stumble upon this little T-Shirt. I decided to cut it into a muscle tee, as the crew neck was way too uncomfortable aka choking me. I love these skinny cargo pants as I'm such a sucker for the hot militarian look this season. You can totally dress these up with a killer heel or dress them down with a simple pair of flats... they are so sleek yet so cozy, believe it or not. Onto the next... I was browsing through H&M, which is a weekly routine for me, and I instantly fell in love with this red hat. They had it in black as well, but why look like the rest of the crowd when you can stand out in this beautiful bold hue? I'm such a hat kinda girl so this one is definitely going to be put to great use. I wanted to add this red satin sash to this ensemble, as it's so classic and fun. You can wear it as a headband, as a scarf, as a belt, or even tie it onto your purse.

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  1. Hey ! I totally love your sunnies thank you for replying via IFB. I followed. <3