October 16, 2012

Style Copycat

For those of you who don't know know about Style Copycat, definitely add it to your bookmarks. This is a fashion blog that documents street style & bloggers style. It covers all of the current trends and never fails to give you a daily dose of inspiration and a chance to "copy" an outfit. Above, I posted some pics of the pencil skirt, the full mini, floral pants, boyfriend jeans mixed with coats, and some sporty chic ensembles. I probably check this blog everyday, as it always encourages me to try out more fashion fads and be more open to mixing different looks together. You all clearly know what writer's block is right? Well that same lack of inspiration can happen with style as well. So if you're ever feeling clueless about what to throw on in the morning, browse through this blog for about five seconds and all of your problems will be solved, no but really. 

New outfit posts coming later this week... stay tuned! Xx

1 comment:

  1. great selection of pictures, I really like the first one:)
    xx Kate