November 8, 2012

Schoolboy Swag

So I just ordered this adorable "Schoolboy Satchel" from Shoemint. I've been on the hunt for an everyday satchel and after coming across this one, all of my problems were solved. I wanted to get a Cambridge Satchel in yellow for a few months now, but wasn't looking to spend over $100 (since I have an unhealthy amount of bags as it is). This satchel was on sale for $40, so it was really a no brainer for me. It also came in neon yellow & neon pink trim but I thought the black trim was the most subtle and the most classic, plus it will definitely go with all of the colors of the rainbow - which is basically my wardrobe). I love satchels because you can wear them so many different ways, as they are so versatile. You can carry it by the handle, wear it cross-body style, or just throw it over your shoulder. I'm so happy that Shoemint decided to incorporate bags into their collection from just shoes. So clever of them... anyways, be sure to check out their website whenever you can, as they have such a great variety of both shoes & bags - you'll fall in love with so many that you won't know which ones to choose. Cannot wait to receive my satchel in the mail soon, hope it's a winner!

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