December 31, 2012

A Recap of 2012

So here are my favorite outfit posts from 2012 (sorry for all the pics) but hey, it is a recap of the entire year!! Not every outfit post is shown here, but the ones that I thought were worth showing are. Tell me, what are some of your favorites! 

So the other day, I went through my entire blog, all 240 posts, as I reflected on where I started and where I've ended up. I've grown and learned so much in the past year, and my blog has been such an incredible outlet for me, as I get to combine two passions of mine - fashion & writing. 

I think it's so important for us bloggers to take a step outside of ourselves, take a breather, and give ourselves a nice pat on the back for all of the hard work, love, and dedication we put into our blogs everyday. I think it's so imperative that we all reward ourselves in some way or another, whether it's doing what we do best (shopping till we drop) or even treating ourselves to a spa day (sounds unreal right now) - we should all reward ourselves every now & then for what we do, because that is what keeps us going right? A happy & healthy new year to all of you! Xx, A.


  1. Love all your looks!! Love the bo-ho style you got going on.

    The Neon Factor ☠

  2. Cute style! Love the chic boho style you are rocking! Following you in GFC to see more of your posts :) Would be happy if you can visit my blog as well...