December 5, 2012

What's in my Bag?

1) Bobby Pins, 2) Keys, 3) Snack, 4) Pen, 5) Journal, 6) Mints, 7) Hair Ties, 8) Advil, 9) Blush/Bronzer, 10) Eyeliner, 11) Mascara, 12) iPhone, 13) Lip Gloss, 14) Chap Stick, 15) Lip Stick, 16) Brush/Mirror, 17) Wallet , 18) Sunglasses, 19) Perfume, 20) Earphones

Go right ahead and take a chic peek into my bag ladies. So I know there are 20 items shown here (I'm insane, I know), but hey a girl has to be prepared for it all, right? I guess it's a good thing I mostly carry big bags, that way I can stash all of my countless goodies inside. I'm like Marry Poppins, except I don't carry any lamps or coat racks around with me (thank god). I must say I do carry every girls basic necessities with me at all times, such as a great pair of sunnies (the bigger, the better), a bright colored lipstick (makes an outfit pop), and some bobby pins (always come in handy when you're having a bad hair day). So there you have my bag check, pretty extensive I know. What's in all of your bags? Hopefully someone else happens to carry about 20 items, that way I won't feel so crazy.

Oh yeah, the bag above is the "Scuba Bag" from the one & only Shoemint. It's the perfect bag to throw all of your junk in... I'd call it a must have item!

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