February 28, 2012


With Fashion Week over, Spring is in the air and that means it's time to show some skin ladies! A revealing back can be oh so sexy, so go and purchase a few shirts/dresses that have an open back at NecessaryClothing or UrbanOutfitters! So with a bare back, what do we do about the front? Some girls prefer to wear sticky boobs/pasties to give support without the use of straps. Others need to or prefer to wear a bra with open back shirts - but this can a fashion faux pas. In my humble opinion, I feel showing your bra straps can be tacky and going bra-less is just out of the question. But no matter what "floats your boats," make sure you keep some open-back outfits in your walk-in closet. What girl doesn't love to show some skin in the summer...and if your not a fan of showing your tummy, then scratch that & go ahead with showing some back instead. I promise that by the end of the day, you will not be complaining about the amount of compliments you got on your stunning and striking new look.

February 26, 2012


Fashion icon and esteemed actress Rachel Bilson, teams up with stylist Nicole Chavez, and the shoemaking legend, Steve Madden, to bring you ShoeMint - a truly fabulous shoe shopping experience that is unlike any other. These shoes all look like they should be hundreds of dollars but they all fall under the price of just $79.98, being so affordable. All you have to do is go to the website, take the style quiz, and you get to experience a whole new collection of shoes each month! The quality is like no other, I guarantee you will be blown away when you receive your first pair in the mail. What's also great is there is free shipping and you can also get 20% off of your first purchase! This is a shoe-of-the-month club that you will never be disappointed with. You will have constant style updates and trend reports from Rachel and Nicole themselves if you become a member. They are the real deal - real stitching, real leather, and real suede. Don't wait another minute, sign up now and you will receive exclusive designs from Rachel and Nicole, as they match a selection of their shoes to your unique and personal style. You get something you love every month based on your style quiz and past purchases and there is no pressure for purchase, you can just browse! ShoeMint has a great price point and the quality is to die for.

February 25, 2012

The Crochet Way

Crochet Crop Top, $18, Zoelas

This winning woven trend is definitely making its rounds in the fashion world today. Crochet has really made its way from the old-fashioned, homespun image into the chic and sexy image it has now. You may think that crochet is outdated, but it is currently one of the most popular trends, from shirts to shorts to shoes to handbags. With spring coming soon, there is no better time to try out this adorable trend. I love wearing crochet pieces because I think that it's so fun to mix and match with them and to try out different looks. For example, you can master the effortlessly chic beach girl look by pairing a cropped crochet top with a pair of denim shorts and a cute pair of sandals. Top that look off with a fedora or a fun print forehead band. With crochet, you can even funk it up with some edge by wearing a crochet top and a colored bra/bandeau, paired with a high-waisted black skirt or even black shorts and a pair of black booties. Take advantage of this look because it is so cool and tasteful, as you can seriously pair anything in your closet with a hint of crochet.

February 22, 2012

Sequins on Sequins

This season's latest trend is definitely the sequin skirt. What better way to sparkle up your day by wearing one of these! There are so many different ways to wear them. Why not start with a simple white tee, and a pair of fabulous knee-high stockings, along with some bold, chunky jewelry. Then add a pair of pumps and an elegant blazer and you are ready to go. I love mini sequin skirts that have a little flare, rather than being stick tight, because the flare really adds some shape and and chicness to the outfit. If you plan on wearing a sequin skirt that's tight, definitely pair it with a loose fitting top and if you are going to go with the more flared look, then definitely pair it with a tighter top, and even tuck it in. I love flared skirts because I think they are so fun, flirty, and feminine. Be sure not to pair the sequin skirt with a funky/busy top because the skirt already owns the look so try to be as simple as you can because less is more!

February 20, 2012

The Met

I wish I took a trip to the extraordinary Metropolitan Museum of Art before today. It is such a beautiful museum, with over two million works of art, it really took my breath away. There is so much life and so much culture there, from the people, the tourists, the building itself, and the works of art of course. I felt like my eyes were opening in a whole new light of life. I had to go there for my history project and it turned out to mean a whole lot more to me than just a school assignment. I was only supposed to walk around the American Wing but I ended up walking through every single department there. They have such outstanding collections from all over the world. This is definitely a must-see place if you are living in/visiting New York City. I really appreciated all of the art work there, as I gazed around admiring every little detail. I never thought I would be so interested in museums, but they are so peaceful and relaxing, especially if you go by yourself. You can just enjoy your surroundings and explore this maze of treasures inside that "The Met" has to offer. It was a very memorable experience for me, and I know I will be back soon!

February 16, 2012

Over N' Under

An old school 80's classic trend of denim overalls will never go out of style. They just keep popping up in some form or another since they first came out, which means that their fad is definitely not finished yet. Overall denim shorts are so chic & casual with an awesome pair of heels or even a simple pair of flats. Some people prefer them to be fitted and some prefer them to be loose. Either way, it's however you want them to fit your body. Be ready to rock this retro trend by modernizing the overalls up with great accessories and freshening them up with contemporary pieces.

Fedora Fetish

By throwing on a fedora with a pair of jeans and a plain white tee, your outfit has already transformed from plain to oh, so, cute. If your having a bad hair day but you want to get out of the house, throw one on and nobody will ever know what's doing under the fedora! It is not hard to pull one of these off at all, just pair it with a simple outfit and your good to go. It's a way to add a little something to your outfit and it definitely spices your look up. I love how it looks with a braid or even a low bun, but most people just wear it the simplest way, with their hair down. Whether this trend is in or out, it's a classic/cool accessory to have in your closet!

Luxury for Less


What started out as a hobby for a New York native Allison Nortman, has evolved into a very successful Power Seller eBay business - AuctionASAP.com.  Allison sells 100% authentic designer merchandise, such as, clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories.  Allison provides "white glove" treatment to her NY/LA based clientele, arranging at home pick-ups and keeping them up to date with sales. Not only is Allison honest and dependable with her clients, but she continues to showcase her professionalism to her worldwide customers - many whom are repeat buyers.  One visit to Allison’s site and you will notice premium quality, carefully selected merchandise, from Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, J. Mendel, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Yves St. Laurent, Nina Ricci, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and more! In addition to properly pricing her clients’ merchandise to create interest with millions of online buyers around the world, Allison’s customer service is second to none.  As of February, 2012, she has more than 3,750 positive reviews and a 100% SELLER RATING! She has been in business since 2003 and her company has only expanded and grown tremendously since then. For further information, please send an email to: allison@auctionasap.com.

February 3, 2012

New Heights

If you want to get your hair out of your face and emphasize your bone structure, definitely think about trying the high ballet bun. It makes you look so sophisticated and really accentuates your whole face. This hair trend is a lot more flattering on girls with fine and thin faces, such as Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie, but it really looks glamorous on all girls. The bun is perfect for the summer weather if you want to just get all of your hair up and away from your face. It is so quick and easy to do as well! Just throw your hair up in a high pony tail and wrap your hair around and pin the pieces up, almost creating a top knot. If you want it to be sleek looking and slicked back, spray your hair with hairspray but if you want it to look less severe and more young, pull some pieces out, making it look more relaxed and playful. Every girl must try it out because you might like what you see! To me, nothing looks more elegant than a high bun on the red carpet with a beautiful gown and a great pair of dangling earrings - talk about simple and classy! Don't be afraid to get your hair out of your face, show off what you've got!