April 30, 2012


Dress - Melissa Odabash, Heels - Rachel Zoe Bonnie Python, Bag - Sequence Cecilia, Hat - Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute, Watch - Freelook, Ring - Tre Murano, Earrings - SIS XL Everlasting Love Diamond Dust Hoops

Shag Post #3!!! This was definitely one of my favorite outfits... I am simply obsessed with this dress. Stripes are so classic and so mod. A dress like this, you can dress up or down and own it either way. The navy and silver stripes give me such a Resort/Cruise/Vacation kind of vibe, which I love. The best part about this dress is the snap-button cut outs going down the long sleeves. They really transform the dress from simple to sexy. These Rachel Zoe Heels are such a great staple shoe. They are the perfect color as they go with everything. Despite how high they are, they were so comfortable and I'm not great at walking in high heels. They feature a double platform as well - definitely worth the price. This gorgeous messenger bag is next on my wish list... the body of it is beige and it's woven with fringe & brown leather detail. I love the boho-chic look of it, such a unique must-have piece. Isn't this fedora adorable? It certainly put the perfect finishing touch on this super chic seaside ensemble. Jeweled up in this dark grey bubble ring, this hot white watch, and another beautiful pair of SIS hoops. 3 Shag posts down, 3 more to go!! Hope your enjoying the outfits as much as I did... Be sure to "like" Shag New York on their Facebook page and "follow" them on Twitter for updates & more!

April 29, 2012

Red, White, and Blue.

Shirt - Chaser, Skirt - Cecilia De Bucourt, Denim Jacket - Halfman, Scarf - Halfman, , Earrings - SIS Forever, Clutch - Kettle Black Aztec Stud

Here it is! Shag outfit post #2! So this look pretty much sums up Shag in one outfit. From the red leather mini skirt to the oh so adorable Chaser sleeveless tee, this outfit is definitely rockin. This stunning denim jacket is such a unique piece, as it's so retro looking, and it features the red, white, and blue studded Rolling Stones symbol on the back. This scarf is such a fun accessory, as you can wear it in so many different ways. Above I have pictures of it worn as a headband, a neck scarf, and even a belt. It's such a great statement piece, as you can just pair it with jeans and a white tee, and be done. What's also great is that it's reversible, so you can wear it on the star side or the stripe side. Ignite the night with these amazing jeweled up, strappy heels. Even though they are 5 inches high, they are so comfortable, thanks to the platform base. These shoes are so glamourous and glitzy, you may be mistaken as a celebrity. That's it for this outfit, stay tuned for even more coming this week, it just keeps getting better & better...

April 28, 2012


Dress - Sauvage Gold Tube Mini, Scarf - 88 Orange, Coat - Allegri Milano White Trench, Earrings - SIS (Simone I. Smith) Forever Pair (Rose gold double hoop), Sunglasses - Beryll

Chic N Rock would like to introduce you to Shag New York! Shag is a women's clothing and accessories boutique, with a very cool edge. The two owners, Randi Butwin and Ann Corn, know me before I was me, as they are long time friends with my parents. They are both amazing merchandisers, with such fresh taste and a truly remarkable flair on current trends. As it says on their website, Shag is all about the newest, hippest, and most exciting pieces for your lifestyle. I will be blogging about them on an ongoing basis. You will be seeing pictures of myself styled by Shag as well as taking part in trunk shows and contributing to their website. Now the outfit, where do I even begin... this dress was the first piece that I tried on today. It's meant to be a bathing suit cover up, but I think it's the perfect summer dress to wear for a night out on the town with a great pair of heels. 

Um, these earrings... let me just say that Simone I. Smith has such a fabulous jewelry line. They are created so passionately with strength, integrity, and style. They come in sterling silver, yellow gold, and my personal favorite - rose gold. Hope you loved my first Shag post, get ready for five more posts from today's shoot coming soon! Be sure to check out Shag's online website, as they keep adding more and more merchandise every day. Since all of their merchandise is not listed online yet, you should definitely try to make your way over to the boutique. I promise you will not leave empty handed... from bags to shoes to jewelry to clothing, they have it all. They will style you up from head to toe, you will be in heaven. Their address is 1370 Old Northern Blvd, Roslyn NY, their email is musthave@shagnewyork.com, and their phone number is 516-484-3133.

April 27, 2012

Shaggy Chic

Sweater - Forever21, Tank - H&M, Shorts - Necessary Clothing, Socks - The Sock Drawer, Bag - Jalda, Shoes - No name, Sunnies - Ray Ban

So nice out today - calls for a cute pair of shorts and some thigh highs! So starting with the tank, I purchased it from the one and only H&M for just $12! Love the vintage look of it and love the fact that John Lennon is on it as I love the Beatles. I got this shaggy sweater at Forever21 a fews ago and haven't really worn it that much. Def going to start wearing it because it's such a great piece to throw on and it adds so much chicness to the picture. Was looking for a dress up/dress down pair of black shorts in SoHo and of course Necessary Clothing came right to the rescue. These black mini shorts are super chic - they look perfect with everything. I'm sort of having a thigh high obsession right now. Just bought a few pairs in black, brown, and grey. They are so easy, cozy, and boy do they make a statement. I bought these shoes at a random boutique when I was at school in Indiana, they have no name in them! They were only $38... I couldn't resist, so I bought them in black and brown. I literally lived in them all of last semester, as you can see for yourself all of the wear & tear on them. They are the perfect bootie, and not to mention they are extremely comfortable!

April 25, 2012


Jacket - Avenue Montaigne, T-Shirt - Forever21, Jeans - Milky Way, Shoes - Toms

Just got this motorcycle jacket and I wanted to wear it before the summer... I love the look of this jacket, so edgy yet super chic. The asymmetrical zip closure and the cropped fit of it is so unique. I wanted to get this specific jacket because the black and white pattern of it makes it such a great staple, as it goes with everything. This T-shirt I bought at Forever21 a few years ago and it's something I can never get rid of. I think the design on the shirt of the girl blowing bubbles is so cool. It's a great shirt to throw on with ripped jean shorts for the summer, but I decided to add some color and throw it on with a pair of purple jeans. I think I have 3 different pairs of purple jeans because I just cant get enough of the color and I find them to be so flattering. I'm such a big fan of all colored denim, but I must say, purple is my absolute fave. Going to be walking around the city most of the day so I needed to wear a comfy shoe - my Toms always do the job - cute and comfy, need I say more?

April 24, 2012


Blouse - Necessary Clothing, Tank - Niki Biki, Shorts - Levi's, Clutch - Marc Jacobs, Booties - Charlotte Russe, Necklace - Zad

Skulling out today with this amazing new blouse from Necessary Clothing. Was deciding between black with white skulls or white with black skulls, so happy I went with the black though. I recently got this fabulous Marc Jacobs clutch in black and red - such great staple pieces. Black is classic and red is for making a statement. I know I'll wear these to death. Love my high-waisted denim shorts from Urban. I seriously have gotten more use out of these than anything else in my closet. They are so comfortable and look so cute with everything. Still obsessing over my new camera - normal?

April 23, 2012

Water Colors

Blouse - Vintage, T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Pants - H&M, Boots - Steve Madden, Glasses - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Chanel

Cloudy day in NY today... first time using my new camera outside, so happy with the quality! Really makes such a difference... So I got this blouse at a vintage store in LA, where I basically get everything else, and at first I just walked right past it. After looking through the racks twice, which is something I always do incase I miss something, this really caught my eye. The colors are insane - reminded me of when I used to play with water colors in Preschool. Lovin these black leather pants that I purchased at H&M, they give everything such a cool, rocker edge. I bought these black hipster glasses at Urban Outfitters when I was at school in Indiana, and for $5 - I have no regrets. I love throwing them on before I go out for the day, as they really add a sense of chicness to all of my outfits. In my opinion, hipster eyeglasses are definitely here to stay so be sure to go purchase a pair of these bold specs - great necessity. Was playing with this first picture on the Color Splash app on my iPhone... obsessed with how the bright colors look against the black and white.

April 22, 2012


Shirt - H&M, Jacket - Left On Houston, Jeans - JBrand, Bag - Andrea Brueckner, Shoes - Keds

This is easily my favorite T-Shirt in my entire wardrobe. I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan as both of my parents have been die hard fans for almost 40 years. I've been to so many concerts over the years with my family and I grew up listening to him, so he's definitely one of my top 5 favorite artists. I saw this shirt while browsing in H&M on one of my breaks between classes, and it was the last one on the rack! How lucky... it's like it was waiting there for me. This motorcycle blazer is the perfect go-to piece when you need a little something to throw on. The color is so neutral and it's so light. I thought it really topped off this whole rocker look. I decided to throw on the white keds because they make every outfit pop. Even though their not a bright color, white always seems to do the trick. Surprised their not filthy yet, I wear them everywhere.

April 19, 2012

Red Velvet

Tank - Vintage, Pants - LnA, Shoes - Sperry Top Siders, Bag - Chanel, Necklace - Forever21

So this is my new velvet tank that I once again bought at my favorite vintage store in LA, Wasteland. I swear I am their best customer, even though I'm only there once every few months. I saw this tank and didn't even bother trying it on because I knew it was coming home with me no matter what. Velvet is so chic and it's such a royal fabric. I also loved the color, as it reminded me of red velvet cupcakes - the best. These are a new pair of black silk pants, they are so easy to wear, so comfortable and so light - extremely satisfied with them. They look good with everything and I'm a big fan of the whole trouser look. You really cant go wrong with these, with the elastic waist band and the zippers on the front, I definitely rank them a 10/10. This is a new necklace, the colors are to die and the tribal feel of it is so bohemian looking. In love with my new Sperry Top Siders - enough said.

April 18, 2012


Blouse - Vintage, Jeans - Vintage, Necklace - No name, Flats - Old Navy

It's beautiful outside in New York today, calls for some color! I am loving yellow lately - I got this vintage, silk button down blouse at Wasteland in LA - such a great purchase. This necklace is probably my favorite piece of costume jewelry, as I am a huge turquoise fan. So I was walking around the mall last night and happened to stumble into Old Navy, which is a store I always like to browse in because you can find such cute pieces for dirt cheap. I knew I had to buy these turquoise flats right when I walked in, as I have been on the hunt for bright colored accessories this season, especially shoes. These flats are so chic with the pointed toe and the color is perfecto. Not to mention they were only $20. To add on, I'm weirdly a big fan of the toe cleavage.

April 15, 2012


Shirt - The Hanger, Jeans - JBrand, Bag - Moyna, Shoes - Sperry Top-Sider

Another new shirt that I got in LA... absolutely loving polka dots at the moment. They scream chic and classic, as they are very Audrey Hepburn as well. They have been around for decades as they are so retro. I think polka dots are so fresh looking and so girly. You really cant go wrong with a polka dot blouse and a pair of jeans, this look is so mod and so timeless. I wear these J Brand jeans with everything - their my number one go-to jeans for sure. These are my new metallic Sperry Top-Siders, I really think they add such an edgy look to this outfit. They complete the classic polka dot look, as they modernize the outfit and make it look contemporary as Sperrys have been around for ages. Lastly, I felt that I needed a pop of color in this outfit since it's filled with neutrals. This is my mom's hand-beaded clutch that we both adore. The shade of pink is so bright and so hot, it's such an awesome statement accessory that is so bold and makes an outfit come to life. I'm obsessed with this last pic, where everything is black and white except my pink clutch, props to the amazing iPhone app - ColorSpash!

Lemon Drop

Amanda: Shirt - Necessary Clothing, Jeans - H&M, Bag - Dolce & Gabbana, Shoes - Shoemint

Alyssa: Shirt - Vintage, Jeans - Forever21, Shoes - LF

Another night out in LA! We were so excited to go for dinner at Katsuya - the best Japanese food in the world. Since I am all about the bright colors this season, I decided to throw on my new lemon colored flowy top from Necessary Clothing, that features an open back and cut out shoulders as well. I wore these H&M jeans in a recent post, I just love how they fit and love cuffing the bottoms and pairing them with wedges. These Shoemint beauties were definitely worn to death this vacation, I must say. This chocolate colored, leather Dolce & Gabbana bag is so bohemian looking, as it has the crescent shape to it and has a long shoulder strap as well. The fringes on the braided strap add the finishing touch to this fabulous hobo ensemble. Alyssa is wearing a new vintage top that she bought in LA, the print is so pretty and matches perfectly with her brown "brick" LF wedges. We're both obsessed with these Forever21 jeans, that she actually bought 2 pairs of the same jean since she wears them all the time. Alyssa isn't as much of a bag person as I am, as she just threw her few things in my bag that night. Wherever I go, I cannot go without a bag, even if I'm just carrying lipgloss and some cash. For me, it's all about the bag. Anyways, so sad to be leaving LA tomorrow... but I'll be back in a month!!

It's Necessary

Shirt - Necessary Clothing, Pants - Necessary Clothing, Shoes - Keds, Bag - Chanel, Bracelet - CC Skye

Necessary Clothing is my new obsession. I think I take a subway down to SoHo at least once a week just to walk into this store. In my opinion, it's the new Forever 21. They have the cutest clothes for insane prices. Don't think I have ever purchased anything over $40 there. I saw this rust colored blouse on the online website, featuring the "Peter Pan" collar and knew I had to have it. I love the collar on this top, as it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. These are a great not-so-basic basic pair of black skinny pants, I love the over size pockets - so chic. They fit me like a legging does, as they are so tight, but the pockets definitely give them a certain shape and they sort of give off that genie pant vibe. I wanted to bring out the orange, rusty color in the shirt so I decided to put on my orange and gold CC Skye screw bracelet. This bracelet definitely fits the "edgy yet elegant" motto that the CC Skye jewelry line lives by. I added this black Chanel bag to elaborate on the prim & proper collared blouse look that Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor once portrayed.

April 13, 2012

All Things LA

Twinning with my mom in our favorite Shoemint wedges - the Kbell leather wedge. I first purchased these and she fell in love with them so she had to order them for herself. They are so comfortable and the color is so neutral - they go with everything. So wearable and affordable!! Be sure to check out the website - ShoeMint!

Love this pic... I got both the cream fringe top and the pastel colored, floral shorts at my favorite vintage store in LA. These metallic Sperry Top-Siders were a gift from my mom, as they had been on my wish list for a few weeks, so I am so happy that they've been added to my shoe collection. They are so trendy, sporty, and funky. I love the preppy look of them, as they make every outfit look a little hipper. The metallic touch gives them the perfect twist on the classic boat shoe that has been admired for decades. Order yours here!

These are just a small portion of the vintage shoes in my favorite vintage store in LA, "Wasteland." They have such a wide variety of different shoes, from oxfords to wedges to combat boots to sneakers. Whenever I go there, I'm in there for at least 2 hours searching through all of the racks and shelves like a crazy person. I love going to this store because I know that most people won't have the same clothes or shoes that I pick out. I don't care that the pieces are used, because you can find such a great designer shirt at an amazing price. You are bound to find something you like at this thrift store, especially if you are a fan of unique yet edgy clothing. This week, I bought a pair of shorts there that were originally from LF and were $128 and I bought them for $36 - love the feeling of getting a bargain like that!

I took this picture while I was at Runyon Canyon with my mom and my best friend, Alyssa, and I def want to print it and frame it/hang it somewhere. It's such a beautiful picure, as you can see this old bench all by it's lonesome facing the city of Los Angeles. The views from this bench are unreal, you literally feel like you have the whole city in your hands. Usually, when I go to Runyon Canyon, people are on this bench and I never get a chance to sit on it. We went on a day when literally no one was there, it was bizarre, but I finally got to sit on this bench and I felt like I was on top of the world. I didn't want to leave, I felt like I could just sit there for hours in the silence, and take it all in.

April 9, 2012

Wild Thing

Shirt - Vintage, Shorts - Necessary Clothing, Scarf - Kitson, Shoes - Sam Edelman, Bag - Olivia Harris, Sunglasses - H&M

Shirt - Club Monaco, Shorts - Forever21, Shoes - Dolce Vita, Belt - Abaco, Bag - Chanel, Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Day 3 in LA! The weather was gorgeous today, went for lunch in Beverly Hills and walked around Rodeo Drive. I bought this red infinity scarf at Kitson yesterday, such a great purchase. Love a good staple that I know I'll wear to death. I got these cheetah shorts at Necessary Clothing, love the faded, subtle print of them. I wear this sheer black T-shirt all the time, it's so soft and is a great go-to piece. These are a great pair of sandals as they are two-toned black and brown and I can wear them with my whole wardrobe. Love the distressed studded leather on this bag, the detail is so rocker chic looking. Got these sunnies at H&M, was on a hunt for cat eye sunglasses, and I found the perfect pair for a wallet-friendly price. My best friend Alyssa is looking so classy and elegant in this Club Monaco blouse. She works there and always finds simple, yet fancy pieces. Love navy and black together, it's a perfect blend of bold colors. They def don't clash like people say they do, I think they look so rich together. So excited that I'm still here for another week... which means a lot of shopping left to do!

April 8, 2012


Dress - Gypsy Warrior, Earrings - Scoop NYC, Clutch - Jalda, Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Finally got my hands on a nice camera with some good quality! In LA for the week visiting my mom for spring break with my best friend, Alyssa. So happy I get to use her amazing Canon camera for my outfit posts for the next few days. Thankfully, I'm getting my own new Nikon camera when I get back to New York :) So this is my new purchase from the fabulous Gypsy Warrior, I love the colors and the whole aztec print of it. This dress is def a little on the short side, I'd love to even wear it with a pair of jeans. Red is my fave color this season, and the whole tribal look of this dress is so fun.This clutch was my moms that she passed down to me, I am obsessed with the snakeskin texture of it and it's perfect for day or night!

April 5, 2012

Decked in Deco

1920s takeover! The classic trend of art-deco clothing has surely made it's way back from this jazz/flapper period. The 1920s era was marked by bold graphic prints, bright colors, and feminine statement pieces, such as feathered boas and draped neck blouses. As bright hues and beautiful shades of pastels are very in, the art deco look takes them to the extreme by displaying them in very mod, daring ways. Striking prints and geometric lines are taking over this season's clothing from head to toe. Graphic designs and abstract shapes were shown during New York Fashion Week Spring 2012, as the models looked so spectacular and dramatic, from flaunting their extremely gorgeous prints to a variety of interesting necklines to beading galore. Art deco is so chic and elegant, and to pull this look off, you have to own it and have the right attitude. Think of your outfit as your canvas and express yourself through what you wear. Do with it whatever you want - fashion is a true form of art.