May 31, 2012



Shirt - No name, Shorts - James Perse, Boots - Steve Madden, Bag - Elliott Lucca

Bought this T-Shirt at a random vintage store in the city, it has no name in it but I love it. The owl design on it is so cool and different. My dad bought me these shorts recently, at first I felt iffy about them but now I'm a big fan. Cargo shorts are such a great necessity as they are very casual and laid-back. They are so cozy and cute, love the loose-fit of them and the earthy green skin tone as well. Gotta love having fun and editing pics, as you can see for yourself in this last pic. In desperate need of a manicure, so I'm off...

May 29, 2012



Shirt - Splendid, Shorts - Necessary Clothing, Shoes - Converse, Bag - Balenciaga, Headband - No name

Going to make this a quick post since I'm in such a rush right now... my best friend Carly made a little guest appearance as you can see in the first picture above. So obsessed with her ombré denim shorts, definitely going to be borrowing those! So my outfit is nothing extravagant, we just felt like taking pics. I used to be the "headband queen" when I was younger, I literally owned 100 headbands and wore one everyday. Then I sort of got sick of them and stopped wearing them so much, but I have to say, this floral one definitely completes my outfit. I like throwing a cute headband on once in a while, because they can really do so much.. and this one did a great job in keeping my hair out of my face on this gross, humid day. I'm in love with these two necklaces. My mom bought the small turquoise one for me in LA and one of my best friends, Nikki, bought me the charcoal grey stone for my 18th birthday. I love the way they look worn together, so delicate and dainty.

May 28, 2012

Colored Leaves

Dress - Cooperative, Shoes - MIA, Bag - Chanel

Time for sundresses - my absolute fave! Sundresses are definitely the summer's main trend, as always. When in doubt, throw one on... they are so loose & light and they are perfect for the warm weather. I bought this dress at Urban Outfitters a few months ago, I love the print and the color combination on it. I'm all about the bright, fun colors this season as they are popping up everywhere. Not really sure what the exact print on this dress is, it's either fruit or leaves, but I chose to go with leaves. This is a typical me outfit, classy & casual. I am also a big fan of the jaw-string on this dress, it really adds a little something, giving it that prim & proper look. These black suede sandals are the perfect shoe to transition from winter to spring. My face is literally half in the shade and half in the sun in these pictures... not going to lie, it actually looks kind of cool.

May 27, 2012

Rockin Romper

Romper - Vintage, Shoes - No name, Bag - Chanel

This romper is hands down one of my ultimate favorite pieces in my closet. I bought it at a vintage store in LA, and right when I saw it, it was love at first sight. The print, the colors, the back. It's so retro/bohemian looking... great vintage find, I must say. I love the way it lays on me and the tie in the back makes it so sexy. I bought these shoes in black & brown at a random boutique in Indiana - for $38, I have no complaints whatsoever. Wanted to spruce this outfit up with some brightness, so I chose to throw on my white Chanel bag - definitely makes the outfit. I didn't feel like wearing too many bracelets as less is always more and I felt like the outfit was enough already. However, I am a big fan of wearing dangling earrings if your hair is in a ponytail, it's such a feminine and sophisticated look.

May 26, 2012

Gucci Vibes

So I happened to stumble into Gucci the other day on Madison Avenue, and I literally felt like I walked into heaven. I was so mesmerized by everything there, the Spring 2012 collection was simply breathtaking. Everything is inspired by the early twentieth century art deco era. From geometric designs to drop-waist skirts to sharp blazers, everything is so stunning and so chic. I love the color combination that was used on all of these pieces, so classic. Black & white, with hot, metallic accents. Gucci chose to incorporate the color green into this collection as it is Spring, which means it's the time to embrace color. I love the hint of green thrown in here, it's so vibrant and bold. I also love the look of the models... With their slicked back hair and dark eye make-up, they look super edgy and super sleek.

May 25, 2012

Fashiolista Finds

Here are a bunch of items that I "loved" on Fashiolista.comFashiolista helps you share & save your greatest fashion finds from all over the web. By clicking the special "love" button, you can save your favorite fashion discoveries from anywhere on the Internet. Your personal Fashiolista profile will become your ultimate wish list of items that you love, want to have in your wardrobe, or simply just inspire you. I know there are so many items here but each one really inspires me - which inspire you? By the way, be sure to follow me on Fashiolista here !!

May 23, 2012


Shorts - Stone Craft, Shirt - Aviator Nation, Boots - Walk by Faith Vintage

Another Shag post!! I am in love with these boots... I feel like a little rebel in them, with the distressed leather and the studs that wrap all around. They are so edgy & so cool and they really put the perfect finishing touch on any ensemble. I love the way this shirt and these shorts blend together with the purple & blue shades. This outfit looks so Cali and so laid back in my eyes, and not to mention it's super comfortable. In most of my Shag outfit posts, I am dressed up in a dress/skirt and a pair of heels but I wanted to change it up, and go for the casual but cute look. Not sure which I am more of a fan of... definitely pros and cons to both.

May 22, 2012

Baby Skulls

Tunic - Queen of Evil, Shoes - Lovely People, Necklace - Jessie Lane

While working at Shag this weekend, I decided to have a mini photo shoot with some of my favorite pieces in the store. These shoes... I'm proud to say that they are officially mine! Yep, I could not resist them so I had to take them home with me. I know I will get a lot of use out of them, love the coral/cream/leopard straps - so funky, yet they still go with everything! They are a lot more comfortable than they look, since the heel is very thick. How chic is this skull tunic? It comes in black and magenta, I love the way it fits and I love the little baby skulls all over it. It's even great as a bathing-suit cover up. Love this Jessie Lane beaded, Buddha necklace - so boho & edgy looking. I've worn it in a previous Shag post, but this time I decided to wrap it around my neck twice to change up the look.

May 21, 2012


Shirt - Emma & Sam, Skirt - Vintage, Headband - Vintage, Bag - No name, Shoes - Sam Edelman

Photos by Carly Tumen

Part 2 of the mini photo shoot.. how amazing is Carly? She always knows the right angles to take pics and she is super creative and so fun to work with. These are all of her clothes & accessories as well... loved taking a break from my wardrobe and having some fun with hers. I titled this post, "Dusk", because it is truly my favorite time of day. It 's the middle period of light and darkness and during that time of day, I feel like everything just slows down and the world is at peace. Onto the outfit... how gorgeous is this maxi skirt? We were shopping together obviously and found 2 adorable maxi skirts, she chose this one and I chose one similar, but different colors. I've always wanted to wear this one, I die for the color combination of pink and grey, so girly & fun. Plus, the tie dye trend has certainly made it's way back into the fashion world. Carly has had this bag for years, along with the same one in all black (which I took to borrow) - don't you just love the look of it, I'm a big fan of hobo bags. Not only are they great for the beach/pool, but they are also such a great everyday bag in my opinion. She got this grey T-shirt at LF, such a smart purchase... I simply cannot resist an open back. This vintage headband really completes the bohemian/hippie look... felt like a little prairie girl during this photo shoot. We decided to spruce it up a bit and add a Hawaiian girl vibe to this look, by putting the flowers in my hair. Not sure which look I am more of a fan of, hippie or Hawaiian girl - what do you think?

May 18, 2012

Minty Fresh

Shirt - Mags & Pye, Shorts - Audrey 3+1, Belt - Walmart, Bag - Kate Spade, Hat - No name, Shoes - Guess by Marciano

Photos by Carly Tumen

So I was at my best friend's house (Carly) and we decided to have a little photo shoot. We've been playing dress up since we were little and we're not stopping any time soon! Sorry for all of the pics, literally took 100 and tried to narrow it down to the best of the best. She is an amazing photographer and has a really great eye when it comes to fashion. You can check out her personal photography website right here. She is extremely talented, I love when she takes pictures of me. These clothes also all belong to her, I'm obsessed with everything. Starting with this top.. don't even know where to begin. Mint green clothing is so in for Spring 2012. It's the perfect pastel color and I think it's so refreshing and chic looking. It has an open back, which you cant see in the pics but to me, there is nothing sexier than an open back. The fringes add some boho feel to it, basically this shirt is an A++. Moving on... so we both bought this studded black belt while we were at sleep-away camp a few summers ago. It was probably $10 or even less, and with studs and spikes being so in style, this wallet-friendly purchase definitely came in handy for both of us. Love these heels... nude-colored shoes visually elongate your legs and not to mention, these go with everything. Stay tuned for another post coming this week from our photo shoot! Xx

May 17, 2012

Swish & Sway


Sweater - H&M, Skirt - Forever21, Bag - Anthropologie

So I bought this floral skirt at Forever 21 about a year ago, I love the print on it. So girly and playful, I am a big fan of light weight skirts this season, especially pleated ones. Bought this sweater at H&M in a few colors, great basic to throw on with everything. I got this pink Anthropologie bag as one of my presents for my 16th birthday, pretty sure I lived in it for 2 years straight - adore the feminine pink hue of it. Threw on this necklace to add some edge to this innocent, girly-girl outfit. I love the look of florals mixed with bold, dark jewelry - great contrast.

May 16, 2012

Boho Babe

Blazer - Barneys, Blouse - H&M, Shorts - Sparkle & Fade, Bag - Deena & Ozzy, Shoes - Charlotte Russe

Haven't done an outfit post in a few days, excited to be back! This is definitely one of my favorite posts, as I have been wanting to shoot this blazer and these shorts for a while now. I bought these shorts at Urban Outfitters about a year ago and I have certainly worn them to the extreme. I love that I can dress them up with a silk blouse and a pair of heels or even dress them down with a casual T-shirt and a pair of flats. I love the tribal feel of them, and the color combination pretty much goes with any color top. This was my mom's vintage Barneys blazer that she passed down to me. It is such a classic and timeless piece, I know I will have it in my wardrobe for a long time. Nothing looks as chic as a formal blazer thrown on top of a collared blouse. I love the mix of boho and classic in this ensemble, it really works and doesn't clash at all.

May 13, 2012


Shirt - Vintage, Shorts - Vintage, Bag - Balenciaga, Shoes - Torn

So I bought this shirt and these denim shorts at my favorite vintage store in LA, Wasteland. Literally everything in my closet is from that store... I just love the fact that no one else will have the same things as me since it's all thrift and there's only one of everything. I was on the hunt for a pair of floral denim shorts and these are perfection. I love the pastel colored flowers on them with the pink, green, and blue hues. Florals are seriously taking over and doing major damage this season. A pair of floral jean shorts looks so chic with just a simple top and a neutral pair of shoes. Florals are so feminine yet playful, definitely worth trying out. I bought these shoes a few years ago and do not think that I will be parting from them anytime soon. They are that one pair of funky looking shoes that I just need to have in my wardrobe... I love the look of the tied up rope that wraps around my ankles. With a pair of flats like these, you can throw on a pair of jean shorts and a plain white T-shirt and be done - it's all about accessorizing with a simple outfit. I'm such a fan of this shirt, it's so casual yet so cute. I love that I can unbutton it and wear it open as well, it's so light and so comfortable. Comfort is key. I love how everything matches so perfectly in this outfit, with the pastel colors in the shirt, bag, and shorts.

May 12, 2012

Shay & Shag

Ladan and Tania, mother and daughter, and founders of Shay Accessories flew across the country from LA to NY to do an amazing trunk show at Shag for Mother's Day weekend! Shag was packed with fathers and their kids as they were on the hunt for the perfect gift for their wives/mothers. Shay Accessories definitely came to the rescue! Ladan and Tania really believe that jewelry helps transform a woman. They had such gorgeous pieces, from clutches to necklaces to earrings to cuffs. By mixing vintage and modern elements, they create a truly unique accessory line, one unlike any other. They have it all, from crystals to pearls to gold to leather, and each piece will have you looking super stylish and chic. Be sure to check out their website, as you will fall in love with the oh so bold and seductive pieces that this mother/daughter team have to offer. The last picture above is of Ladan and Tania of Shay Accessories and Randi Butwin and Ann Corn, owners of Shag. Hope you enjoyed!! Xx

May 11, 2012

Cold Shoulder

Shirt - Forever 21, Shorts - Wildfox, Bag - Jalda, Shoes - Old Navy
Photos by Nicole Gentile

First night shoot... very exciting, I love how bold the colors in the shirt look against the background in these few pics. I bought this flannel button-down at Forever 21 a few years ago and I wanted to change up the look of it so I had one of my best friends, Carly, work her magic with some scissors. She cut off the shoulders to give it more of that "cold shoulder" look - very happy with the way it came out. I bought these amazing Wildfox denim shorts in LA a few months ago, they were the only pair left and they are a size too small but I just had to get them. I love the washed out, faded feel of them and the frayed bottom completes the look. They are such an adorable, dress up/down high-waisted pair of denim shorts that were definitely needed in my wardrobe. I've shot a few posts with these shoes already, but I just cant take them off my feet. They are so comfortable and give every outfit such a pop of color, and they managed to match this outfit perfectly.

May 10, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Blazer - Prada, Jeans - H&M, Shirt - Vintage, Belt - H&M, Bag - Chanel, Shoes - Sperry Top Siders

Wanted to change it up today, so I decided to take a shoot during sundown, as you can see my little friend beside me (my shadow). I've been wanting to post these jeans for a while now, so happy I finally did. I got them at H&M a little over a month ago, I'm in love with them. I am all for colored jeans no matter what the season is, and once I spotted these bright orange babies, I knew they were coming home with me. I admire the fact that they aren't a tight, straight leg jean, but more of a loose fit, boyfriend type jean. Love the cuffed bottom look, so understated and chic. I bought this plain grey T-shirt at a vintage store last year and I live in it... seriously, there are so many holes in it, I think it's time to invest in a new one. I bought these Sperry Top Siders the last time that I was in LA, they were such a great purchase... so comfortable and so sleek looking, and not to mention they go with everything. This was my mom's Prada blazer that she passed down to me... it is the perfect staple as blazers are so classic and can complete any look.