June 30, 2012

Tie Dye For

Dress - Richelle JonasShoes - Splendid, Earrings - Scoop NYC, Bracelets - L Sand Jewelry

Last post in LA... so sad! It's definitely bittersweet as I am super excited to be back in NY but I had such an amazing month here in la-la land. So this fitted dress is definitely one of my ultimate favorite pieces in my wardrobe. From the sexy shape of it to the subtle mix of colors, and not to mention, it's softness & comfort, it is a fabulous little number for summer. Dressed up or down, it is such a flawless piece. I wanted to bring out the dark blue shades in the dress so I decided to throw on these gorgeous navy & gold earrings. I'm really feeling the blue hue lately, it's such a sophisticated and elegant color. My mom and I fight over this dress since we're both obsessed with it... I guess it really is to die for, or shall I say, "tie dye for."

June 28, 2012

Bare Sole

Bare Sole is a boutique located in Studio City, California. My mom and I were walking around town, exploring the shops, as we came across this funky little shoe store. It is the concept of great design, comfort, support, and stability. The owner, Kate, is not only such a sweetheart but she will design any shoe for you. She is so creative as she is constantly coming up with new ideas and designs. From different color straps, ties, textures, soles - she really can create the perfect dream shoe for you. I bought these wedges in black and my mom bought them in a neutral color. We got all different color ties to switch off with. This idea is so fun and innovative... she even had a podiatrist working with her on these to help aid all of those with foot problems. By wearing a pair of "Bare Soles", you will not only look cute & trendy, but you will be extremely comfortable as well. I swear I feel like I'm walking on a cushion when I wear them. I also got 2 pink rings to put in between the straps to add some more detail. Basically whatever you want and whatever your vision is, she can make it happen for you. She does have a lot of her own designs but she'll change colors/textures to appeal to your taste.

June 26, 2012

Floral Moral

Tank - Nina Ricci, Blouse - Massimo Alba, Jeans - JBrand, Sunnies - H&M, Clutch -  Bottega Veneta

Florals, florals, and some more florals. Cannot seem to get enough of them. I picked up this feminine-looking blouse at Wasteland the other day, I just love the colors and the muteness of the flowers. I used to not be a pink fan growing up but I find that as I'm getting older, I'm starting to take more advantage of it. After all it is us girls' signature color. These white denim capris scream summer in my eyes. Casual and light... and cant forget the cuffage!

June 25, 2012

Late Afternoon

Shirt - Brandy Melville, Skirt - Hot & Delicious, Bag - Balenciaga, Sunnies - Urban Outfitters

In love with this maxi skirt that I got at a random boutique in Indiana. The print, the colors - no words. I remember when I was little and I would tie knots at the bottom of my shirts to make them look like belly shirts. I love resorting back to this trend every once in a while, as it definitely adds more of a laid back, boho feel to this outfit. I am such a sunglasses junkie but I must say that these round shades are at the top of my list... great throwback to the 70's.

June 23, 2012

Business Savvy

Blouse - H&M, Blazer - Prada, Jeans - Ksubi, Flats - Old Navy, Bag - Chanel, Necklace/Bracelets - L Sand Jewelry

Wanted to change it up a bit & take a shoot at night. I feel like darkness definitely makes the colors in clothing stand out more. I really need to invest in more colors of these flats, I swear I wear them everyday. I would love them in a bright yellow or even an orange. They are such a great day into night shoe, chic with a pop of color, just what I love. I feel like a business woman in this outfit with my sleeveless blouse buttoned all the way up, paired with my favorite black blazer. Needed to add an "L Sand Jewelry" piece to this lovely ensemble. I decided to keep the turquoise vibe going by adding this beaded Buddha necklace & a few beaded bracelets. I must say that I'm a fan of business savvy chic attire, as it reminds me a lot of Audrey Hepburn. All I need is my pearl necklace instead of this one and I'm done.

June 22, 2012


Shirt - Marc Jacobs, Blazer - Prada, Shorts - Levi's, Bag - Marc Jacobs, Scarf - Chanel, Sunnies - Ray-Ban, Shoes - Sperry Top-Siders

I feel like such a stewardess with this scarf tied around my neck, but I must say it does complete the outfit. This is my mom's Chanel scarf that she doesn't really wear that much so it will definitely be mine soon. This Marc Jacobs T-Shirt was a great purchase, so cute & cozy. Not to mention, the statement on it is quite hilarious, agreed?

June 21, 2012


Shirt - Yumi Kim, Leggings - American Apparel, Bag - Moyna, Shoes - Old Navy, Sunnies - Target

This is my mom's top that we both absolutely love. We're both big butterfly fans so this top was a necessary purchase. The colors, the fit, the back... definitely rate it a 10/10. The crochet butterfly on the front and the ties in the back make it so girly yet so sexy. It looks great paired with everything - jeans, shorts, leggings, etc. It's so feminine and light - and might I add, very flirty. The bright fuschia clutch and the gorgeous turquoise ring really bring out the magnificent colors in the butterflies. Oh and not to mention, so do my turquoise flats that I live in, no exaggeration there. Did a Target run the other day and was searching for a fun, colorful pair of sunnies - these make any outfit look cute & playful - definitely satisfied with them. Posted so many pictures for this outfit but my mom and I were on the rooftop of our building in LA so we had to capture the moment and snap away!

June 19, 2012

Instagram It

Here are some snapshots that are on my Instagram, hope you enjoy! Having the best time in LA, as you can tell. Follow me on Instagram (@AmandaNort) for more pics!! Xx

Cali Fever

Shirt - Bottega Veneta, Jeans - Rock & Republic, Belt - Vintage, Shoes - Fendi, Hat - Headlines

I remember thinking how cool I was when I used to wear Lacoste polo shirts to middle school, I was obsessed with my tie-dyed one that I wore to death. Eventually that preppy trend died down after people starting popping the collars and then they just got old. Looking back, I don't see how that trend faded. Of course you still have your typical golf dads wearing them all the time, but I think they're such a classy staple for us chic geeks. Was on the hunt for a great pair of flared jeans, since straight-legs seem to be taking over my closet lately. These will definitely be my go to jean for a while. Sometimes I feel like a bell bottom jean is more flattering than a straight leg, as these give you more of a shape.

June 18, 2012

Leopard Extreme

Bandeau - T.J. Maxx, Button-Down - Havana, Shorts - Necessary Clothing, Bag - Zara, Bracelets - L Sand Jewelry, Necklace - L Sand Jewelry

So I took the leopard print to the extreme today, can't you tell? I thought it would be fun to mix three different leopard prints together and I think it definitely worked. Love the faded, distressed looking print of these shorts with the frayed bottom hems. Found this bandeau at T.J. Maxx... I have bandeaus in millions of different colors but no prints so this one was definitely a necessity. This bag was practically calling my name in Zara, I've been on the hunt for a new everyday bag that I can just throw everything in, including my laptop/camera. This one does the job and the leopard print on it really spruces it up. I can wear a pair of jeans, a plain white T-Shirt, this bag and be done. Like I always say, it's all about accessorizing with a simple outfit.

June 17, 2012

L Sand Jewelry

So beyond excited to be L Sand Jewelry's exclusive rep for LA & NY! These beaded beauties (bracelets & necklaces) are individually designed and created by Lisa Sand. Each customized piece depicts the cool, trendy style of the designer herself. An eclectic collection of beads, featuring buddhas, skulls, turquoise, woods, and metals, I'm very proud to represent this fabulous line.  For wholesale and retail prices, please contact me by email at arn1013@aol.com!

June 16, 2012

Olive You

Top - Prada, Shorts - Necessary Clothing, Hat - Urban Outfitters, Bag - Gucci

This olive-colored nylon top is so chic, I just love the bustier style of it with the lace up detail in the back and the little peplum at the bottom. Since no one was home to take pictures of me today, Bo (one of my two soon to be step brothers) happily volunteered to do the job. I figured why not, how hard can it be? He's 8 years old but he has the brain of an 18 year old, not even kidding. He's so mature for his age, and not to mention, he's not bad at taking pictures! How adorable is he in my hat, he looks like such a little stud.

June 15, 2012

Emerald City

Blouse - Gucci, Jeans - Flying Monkey, Clutch - VBH

So this is my mom's Gucci blouse that she has had in her wardrobe forever. I remember eying it years back and thinking to myself how elegant it was. Always wanted to get my hands on it, the color is not of this world. I chose to pair this gorgeous silk number with my new nude-colored Flying Monkey straight leg jeans. I did this because I wanted to show the beautiful color of the blouse next to a nude color so it would stand out more. I picked up these John Lennon inspired sunglasses at Urban Outfitters yesterday. Kind of look like a bug in them, but I always wanted a pair of round shades like these, as they are definitely a throwback to the Woodstock days.

June 14, 2012


Here are a few of many pics that I've posted onto Instagram in the past week. I'm In LA for 2 more weeks, so excited! Love it out here... be back in the city that never sleeps soon enough! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@amandanort) !!


1) Shirt - Emma & Sam, Skirt - The Ragged Priest, Bag - Marc Jacobs, Shoes - Pons Quintana
2) Shirt - H&M, Skirt - The Ragged Priest, Bag - H&M, Shoes - Shoemint

So I bought this little skirt at an LF sale recently, saw it and could not resist. My mom claims that I cant wear it in public and that I can only wear it as a bathing suit cover-up, but I disagree. It's so adorable, I love all of the bright colors mixed together. It's such a girly yet super sexy piece. I know I will wear this little number to death this summer, what's one of your favorite summer pieces? I wanted to present this skirt to you in 2 different styles because I wanted to show how you can dress it down casually or dress it up more formally. I bought this dark blue shirt at LF a few years ago, it has really come in handy let me tell you. Not only is it so cozy but it goes with everything - leggings, jeans, shorts, etc. These are my mom's woven leather wedges, they are so hot - I die for navy. Such a bold and sophisticated hue. These aren't too high, I could probably walk around in them with 0 complaints. Actually no promises there, I am not the best at walking in heels as I'm 5'7 as it is. So which look do you like more? I cant decide... I'm think I'm going with the second.

June 13, 2012




Here are just a few pics that I came across that all inspire me in some way. Whether it be long skirts, feathered headbands, or grungy sweaters - I love the comfortable yet fashion forward feel of bohemian/hippie styles. I would describe my personal style as boho-chic, which is all about looking effortless yet fabulous at the same time. Layering and accessorizing are two very important factors when it comes to mastering this look. Bring on the earthy colors and soft fabrics as well. Last but not least, it's key that you stay true to yourself and never be afraid to experiment with different pieces. After all, fashion is about indivuality and being unique, so don't be shy and give it a try ladies...