January 7, 2013

A Case of the Blues

Wearing: Tank - Marc Jacobs, Cardigan - Left on Houston, Skirt - California Select, Sneakers - Gypsy Warrior, Bag - Urban Outfitters, Necklace - Chrome Hearts

Spent a lovely Saturday in Malibu right on the beach... nothing like a little taste of paradise in January. The beautiful blue sky and my new denim skirt happened to be the same exact hue, seems like I've got a case of the blues (outfit wise, not emotion wise). I remember back in the day when I used to be infatuated with my Abercrombie & Fitch denim skirt, I swear I wore it like it was my job. This one here definitely gives off a nice modern twist, with the high-waisted fit & the lovely flare. This outfit reminds me of one of Anna's (Felicity Jones) outfits in "Like Crazy," as it's very indie-like, effortless, and almost scruffy in a way.

Oh yeah, I'm completely obsessing over my black platform sneakers from Gypsy Warrior that I just got in the mail, they're so funky & they add the perfect amount of tomboyishness to the ensemble. The pic I posted above is of a different denim skirt, one similar to mine, but a little longer (you get the idea). The last photo I posted is a scene from "Like Crazy," I know I've discussed her style on the blog before, as I truly admire it (you guys must watch this film if you haven't yet, it's so good). I wanted to give my mom (my blog's biggest fan) a special shout-out: Happy birthday to the best mama a girl could ever ask for, I love you more than words. You deserve all of the love & happiness in the world & thank you for always being there for me/supporting me 24/7 :)


  1. your skirt riminds me of the one puppy was wearing! nice outfit i like it !

  2. Really nice outfit - great combination. I love that denim skirt of yours!

  3. Such a lovely outfit, so stylish and fresh and cool.


  4. Great post and I love the film "Like Crazy!"