February 12, 2013

Dead Hearts

So for those of you who have not seen this video, I strongly urge you to watch it right now. It's a video that shows the wedding of Jason and Victoria Evigan (such a beautiful couple). I've watched this video countless times and it never fails to make me weep. I'm a hopeless romantic so I live for this stuff (but actually). It really is the "ultimate hipster wedding" - I love everything about it, from Victoria's dress to the wedding decorations to Jason's vows - it's perfection. It seemed so intimate and so special.. definitely my dream wedding. I promise you guys that this video is "The Notebook" status for all of those Nicholas Sparks fans (aren't we all?) Also, whoever made this video is extremely talented - it's so cute how there are different scenes from classic films incorporated into it. Oh, and I'm obsessed with all of the songs in it (Dead Hearts by Stars being my fave). Enjoy and let me know what you think! Be prepared to cry your eyes out people! Xx, A.

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