April 23, 2013

Coachella 2013!

Benassi killed it.


I see you Passion Pit.

Last Day! #ootd

Day Two #ootd

First Day!! #ootd

Quick change before Benny Benassi, The xx, and Phoenix!

Allison & I in the amazing H&M Loves Music Tent at Coachella!

Take me back!!! #Heaven

Rageeee. #Epic

Hi everyone!! Sorry if I've been MIA lately.. I was at Coachella all weekend! OMG, it was amazing. Literally, cannot even begin to express to you in words how much fun it was. It's literally a different world, between the music and just the overall atmosphere - it was perfection. Let's just say, I will definitely be back next year, the year after that, and so on (you get the point). Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to bring my big camera in so these iPhone pictures are the best I can do to give you guys a glimpse into my Coachella world this weekend. If you're following me on Instagram (@Amandanort), then you saw all of these already, but if not then I hope you enjoy! A special thanks to True Religion for making this all happen for me. I partnered up with them for my very 1st Coachella experience & I'm so thrilled to have worked with them. They sent me the cutest pieces (a few are shown above). I will be posting some street style pics from the weekend tomorrow so stay tuned! Well I'm off to go & rest up as I'm fighting off a bad cold (thanks to Coachella), ahh it's okay though, it was worth every minute!


  1. Love your outfit from day 2! Perfect, I want to go to Coachellaaa!

    xx MJ

  2. Oh that looks way too fun! I'm thinking you probably wouldn't want to bring a big camera in anyway, it's all good though, your pictures are awesome!