May 7, 2013

Urban Light

Wearing: Dress - Gentle Fawn (gifted), Flannel - Forever 21, Bag - Urban Outfitters, Boots - Steve Madden

Happy Tuesday everyone!! So sorry that I've been MIA lately, I was in New York for the weekend for a family affair, had so much fun, but so glad to be back in my city of angels! I recently received three adorable pieces from Gentle Fawn, a contemporary clothing line that speaks for people who follow their own paths in life (take me for example). Moving to LA from New York was a huge change for me, but it's exactly what I needed to get a different perspective and I've never been happier. It's so important to choose your own path in life and to always follow your heart, no matter where it may lead you. I really love Gentle Fawn as they manage to create a line with the perfect blend of functionality and great designs, mixing together both urban elements and elements from nature as well. So yeah, I received this dress from them - I just love everything about it, especially the faded floral print it's got going on. It's a very different piece, one that is unlike anything I own so I was happy to throw it on and style it up for you guys! New posts coming this week featuring more Gentle Fawn pieces!!


  1. lovely outfit <3
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