August 26, 2013

An Ode to Ugly Shoes

So what's in at the moment you may ask? Ugly shoes of course. The buzz right now is all about Birkenstocks (us 90's kids all know and love this one). Fashion is all about comfort these days and looking comfy is considered "cool" now. I know I used to love wearing my Birks back in the day - I felt like my feet actually molded into them and I never wanted to take them off my feet! Pairing these bulky shoes with a feminine, summery dress is the perfect combination - try it! Seriously though... fashionistas these days are so fascinated by "ugly fashion," as there's something so exciting and appealing about it. Don't be afraid to purchase yourself a pair of these crazy kicks, especially if you're someone who is fashion-forward with their choices and is a fan of nostalgia. BTW: I'm so sorry for the serious lack of outfit posts lately, I've been so busy getting back into my routine in LA - but get ready for lots of new posts this week! I hope everyone has a great week!! Xx, A.

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