July 30, 2013

Eye Candy

Wearing: Top - H&M, Pants - H&M, Shoes - Marc Fisher, Sunnies - H&M

Hello everyone... hope you're not all blinded by these pants I'm wearing here (I know I am). When I spotted these on the sale rack at H&M for just $15, I knew it was a good day. Pairing them with this black and white striped sleeveless blouse creates the perfect contrast, really making the colors all pop. I decided to throw on my black oxfords in order to give this outfit more of a menswear-inspired feel, ya dig? Xx!

photos by Chelsey Kupferman

July 24, 2013

Risky Business

Wearing: Flannel - Ralph Lauren, Socks - No name, Sunnies - Target, Shoes - Dr. Martens

So my dad was going through his closet the other day and came out with a pile of things he didn't want anymore. Of course, I was all over that pile. From oversized flannels to oversized blazers, I've got myself a whole new menswear inspired wardrobe. This old school Ralph Lauren flannel is so comfortable and so large, I can wear it as a dress! Went for the whole hipster grunge look here by incorporating high black socks, these colored mirror sunnies, and my personal favorite shoes (Dr. Martens) - duh. More outfit posts coming soon! Xx, A.

photos by Chelsey Kupferman

July 23, 2013

Summer Hues

Wearing: Skirt - Mystique, Top - No name, Shoes - Steve Madden

Meet a new guest on my blog: Chelsey! I cannot believe she hasn't made an appearance on here yet.. well here she is! Chelsey has been one of my best friends since kindergarten.. isn't she just adorable? She has such a great eye when it comes to clothes and she always puts herself together so well. I love this skirt she's wearing, it's so chic and sassy. This little crop top really screams summer.. agreed? Xx, A!

July 22, 2013

Pinning Away

Just wanted to share a few inspiring photos that I came across on Pinterest recently... nothing like a little monday inspiration!! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest @chicnrock if you're not doing so already! Also - many new outfit posts coming your way soon, stay tuned! Xx, A.

July 18, 2013

Jersey Chic

So I know the whole "sporty chic" trend has been taking over both the runways and the streets lately, but just recently, I've started to pick up on my favorite bloggers and celebrities sporting the classic athletic jersey. Talk about a 90's throwback! Paired with denim cutoffs and a pair of strappy heels and you're ready to win! Personally, I'd love to whip out some of my dad's and brother's old jerseys and throw them on with a pair of leather pants and wedge sneakers - time to bring out the inner-tomboy in me.. what are your thoughts on this flashy fad? X, A.

July 12, 2013

Shop Renee's Accessories on Etsy!

So I don't know if you guys are too familiar with Etsy, I'm sure most of you are... but I just wanted to give Renee's Accessories a little shout-out! This is a small company that designs scarves, gloves, and hats for wholesale. Renee's Accessories, ran by Renee Levin, has been in business for over 18 years - talk about a success. Everything is totally customized... not to mention, my best friend, Carly, works there and designs some of the pieces herself. If you like what you see on Renee's Accessories Etsy page here (it's not much as the page was just recently launched), definitely shoot her an email (renon5th@gmail.com) for a copy of the Fall 2013 line sheet! BTW: this galaxy print scarf I'm wearing here is from her line!! Would love to hear your thoughts! Xx, A.

July 11, 2013

Power Orange

Power orange is one roaring color. It's so fierce and filled with so much energy, that you better make sure you have the right attitude to rock this hot hue. Get ready for all eyes to be on you because this color surely makes a statement, a bold one if I may add. This shade of red orange is also so great because it goes so well with black, brown, silver, and gold. It's so versatile and can be worn all year round ladies!!

July 5, 2013

Stars or Stripes?

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday, I know I did! Whether it was enjoying a delicious BBQ, laying out on the beach, or just hanging out and kicking back with friends/family.. I think we can all use days like these more often.. agreed? So when it comes to clothes.. I was curious to get your opinion on a big debate (in the fashion world that is) - stars or stripes? Yes you can always mix and match them together, but if you were to choose one over the other, what would it be? Stripes are so classic and really give off that nautical vibe, while stars are more juvenile and playful.. if I had to pick one, I'd go with stripes for sure. I'm just a stripe-aholic! X, A.