August 30, 2013

I Need Your Love

Wearing: Dress - Gentle Fawn (gifted), Shoes - Zara, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Sunnies - Target

So this is another dress that was recently sent to me from Gentle Fawn! I love collaborating with them as they have such fun, energetic, and on trend pieces. I'm really digging the lingerie look of this navy dress, especially with the lace neckline - so feminine and sexy!! Not to mention, it's super lightweight and comfortable, which is always a plus. I stumbled upon this amazing work of art, displaying Ellie Goulding's newest album, "Halcyon," when I was walking around West Hollywood yesterday. My favorite song by her is, "I Need Your Love," which actually features Calvin Harris as well. Anways, I hope that all of you chic geeks have an amazing Labor Day weekend! Lots of love! Xx, A.

August 29, 2013

Trending: Oversized Denim Jackets

So I don't know about you guys, but I would definitely consider myself a fan of oversized clothing. The oversized denim jacket is by far one of my most beloved items in my wardrobe (no joke). I liveee in mine. Also known as the "boyfriend denim jacket," because it looks as if we borrowed it from our boyfriends (not always the case though) - this piece is a must-have for us fashionistas. Tip: the more distressed and ripped the jacket is, the more retro it'll look (this is key). Throwing one of these jackets on gives instant edge to any outfit. As denim jackets are the #1 transitional items in our closets (since they can be worn all year round) - you must be sure to get your paws on one ASAP. Xx!

August 27, 2013

Pinning & Winning

I just wanted to share some of my favorite pins from the week with you all! Gotta love this awesome street style.. agreed? Please be sure to follow me on Pinterest if you aren't doing so already @chicnrock to keep up with my pins! And as always, thank you for stopping by my blog and for all of your lovely comments and support! None of it ever goes unnoticed. Hope you're all having a great week chic geeks! X, A.

August 26, 2013

An Ode to Ugly Shoes

So what's in at the moment you may ask? Ugly shoes of course. The buzz right now is all about Birkenstocks (us 90's kids all know and love this one). Fashion is all about comfort these days and looking comfy is considered "cool" now. I know I used to love wearing my Birks back in the day - I felt like my feet actually molded into them and I never wanted to take them off my feet! Pairing these bulky shoes with a feminine, summery dress is the perfect combination - try it! Seriously though... fashionistas these days are so fascinated by "ugly fashion," as there's something so exciting and appealing about it. Don't be afraid to purchase yourself a pair of these crazy kicks, especially if you're someone who is fashion-forward with their choices and is a fan of nostalgia. BTW: I'm so sorry for the serious lack of outfit posts lately, I've been so busy getting back into my routine in LA - but get ready for lots of new posts this week! I hope everyone has a great week!! Xx, A.

August 21, 2013

Kalifornia Klasss

So I'm not sure if you all know of Kylie Jenner's Tumblr - "Kalifornia Klasss." It's a really inspirational blog that I'm a huge fan of... and I wanted to share some of her latest pics with you all. These are just a few out of maybe thousands of photos that she's posted on her blog. For more, be sure to check out her Tumblr page here!! I promise that you won't regret checking it out! BTW: her style is amazing! Xx, A.

August 20, 2013

On Main Street

Wearing: Tank - Ralph Lauren, Skirt - Vintage, Sunnies - H&M, Boots - Shoe Republic LA (gifted)

Back in LA baby! Woooo! It's about time. I had an amazing two months in New York but I honestly could not be happier to be back in beautiful, sunny California. Onto the outfit. I purchased this skirt at a thrift store a few months ago.. don't you just love the vintage-inspired floral print on it, talk about a throwback! Oh and the high-low hem is just perrrfect. Next - the shoes. Out of the eight pairs of shoes that Shoe Republic LA has sent me in the past, this is hands down my absolute favorite pair. The color, the buckles, the pointy toe - I just die.

August 16, 2013

The OC - My Favorite Tunes!

In honor of my favorite television show of all time, The OC, I wanted to share some of my favorite songs from the four seasons with you. The use of music in this show really made it what it was and what it still is today - a legend. Here are my top 24 fave songs from the show, I highly recommend them all to you! And if you haven't watched an episode of The OC yet, do yourselves a favor and watch one! Enjoy, xx!

1. All Kinds of Time - Fountains of Wayne, 2. All the Kings Horses - Christina Lux, 3. A Bad Dream - Keane, 4. Bluest Light - Bloc Party, 5. California - Rogue Wave, 6. Cannonball - Damien Rice, 7. Caught by the River - Doves, 8. Champagne Supernova - Oasis, 9. Dice - Finley Quaye, 10. Daisy Chains - Youth Group, 11. Eastern Glow - The Album Leaf, 12. Fix You - Coldplay, 13. For the Widows in Paradise - Sufjan Stevens, 14. Forever Young - Youth Group, 15. Insomnia - Electric President, 16. Go Sadness - Shout Out Louds, 17. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley, 18. Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap, 19. Honey and the Moon - Joseph Arthur, 20. Paint the Silence - South, 21. Title and Registration - Death Cab for Cutie, 22. Wonderwall - Oasis, 23. Unsatisfied - Nine Black Alps, 24. Trouble Sleeping - The Perishers

August 15, 2013

90's Chick

Wearing: Shirt - Brandy Melville, Skirt - Brandy Melville, Shoes - Zara, Blouse - Vintage

Last few days in New York.. back to beautiful California this weekend! I must say, excited is an understatement. Moving on.. I went SO hard at Zara this summer. These amazing boots being one of my favorite purchases, not to mention - they were on sale for just $30. Can you say scoreeee! Well I'm off to go do some packing (this should take hours). Oh the amount of clothes I've accumulated this summer...

August 14, 2013

Must See Movies

Morning my chic geeks!! I'm sorry things have been kind of slow lately, but I promise there will be new outfit posts coming very soon! I'm going back to LA on saturday so I've been so busy packing! Anyways, here's a quick post I wanted to share with you... these are four films that I must see ASAP!!! I am a huge movie person, I'm constantly watching new films and old films (my dream job is to become a wardrobe stylist for a film production) - that way I can be around both clothes and movies. If any of you have seen one of these four films, please let me know in the comments section below what you thought!! Hope you're all having a great week so far. It's almost the weekend, yay! X, A.

August 12, 2013

This Sh** is Bandanas

Here's a throwback for you all! Bandanas. Only us 90's kids will really appreciate this trend (considering I'm pretty sure I owned one in every color back in the day). A bandana is the perfect accessory to top off an outfit (and not to mention, it's a great tool to tie our hair back). This reemerging trend is definitely categorized as hipster grunge... while we have many celebrities sporting it recently, such as Rita Ora, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus. My thing is, throw it around your head while your wearing a basic, casual outfit such as jeans and a white T-Shirt. Dab on some bold lipstick and you're ready to go! Talk about statement-making. New outfit posts coming your way soon!! Xx, A.