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NTB-40 銅基卷制軸承 / Bronze Self-lubricating Bearing
NTB-40 Series
Substrate characteristics
The bronze bushings as CuSn8 for the substrate has made of a high wear resistance good economic bearing.Standard NTB-40 product dissatisfaction rules diamond work surface oil hole or perforation oil eye,played the role of oil or fuel in the initial movement to form a film easier to reduce the initial friction coefficient.The main use of agricultural machinery,construction machinery where high load low speed.
Technical Parameters
Max.Load Static 120N/mm2   Elongation 40%
Dynamic 40N/mm2   Temp -100℃~200℃
Max.speed(Lubrication)   2m/s   Friction coefficient 0.08~0.25
Max.PV   2.8N/mm2·m/s  
Tensile strength   450N/mm2   Thermal conductivity 58W(m·k)-1
Hardness   HB 110-150   coefficient of thermal expansion 18.5×10-6K-1
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