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NTB-60 涂噴不銹鋼無給油軸承 / Non-oil Bearing Spray Coating
NTB-60 Series
Substrate characteristics
Stainless steel material as the substrate,coated with PTFE spray composed of high corrosion,wear-resistant bearings.The material specially asapted to acid,alkali,light-load low-speed situations,its wear resistance is superior to single PTFE sleeve and graphite sleeve.The product has been widely used in chemical PH merer,pumps,valves,and corrosion-resistant marine industry in the sliding parts.
Technical Parameters
Max.Load Static 250N/mm2   Temp -195℃~280℃
Dynamic 140N/mm2   Friction coefficient 0.03~0.20
Max.Spped Dry 2m/s   Thermal conductivity 42W(m·k)-1
Lubrication >2m/s  
Max.pv(Dry) Short-term 3.6N/mm2·m/s   coefficient of thermal expansion 11×10-6K-1
Contincuos 1.8N/mm2·m/s  
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