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NTB-50-5 固體鑲嵌潤滑軸承 / Solid-lubricant-Embedded
NTB-50-5 Series
Substrate characteristics
NTB-50-5 inlaid solid lubricating bearings, is reinforced products, with high compression performance, at work can discharge lubricant particles that produce a membrane between the shaft and sleeve, played more than single oil lubrication advantages of anti-bite, in support of lifting machinery parts specially adapted.
Technical Parameters

Base material: GCr15
Dynamic load limit; 250N/mm2
Basic Hardness: HRC58~60 
Friction coefficient μ: <0.17 
Maximum sliding speed: 0.1m/s 
Maximum operating temperature: 350℃ 
Limiting PV value: 2.5N/mm2·m/s

Industry use:

 For example: Roll field machine support, crane support, but should not be used in water or acid occasions.

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